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What Is Important In Life? The Answer I Received Truly Hurt Me

Posted on September 12, 2016

By Pradeep Sundriyal:

What is important in life? This question comes up quite a bit in our lives but with such short life spans, we end up taking longer than is expected to truly understand this question.

When we finally understand this, either we already have lost so many things or we have less time in the future.

I have read a lot about the term ‘life’, and found so many definitions but I was not convinced with all the things that I read. Then I decided not to read from books or the internet and try to ask this question and get answers from people around me.

I reached out to the kids in my family and around my society. Their answer was so quick and common. They all had one answer – what’s important in life is to play, have fun and not go to school. I had been expecting this answer from them, so I decided to move to another section of graduate/undergraduate folks. After talking to them, it seemed like they were not clear on this. They all seemed puzzled, because all of them seemed to try to find an answer to this question in a good job.

Finally, I decided to meet some elderly people. I assumed that since they’ve experienced life, they must have an answer to this question. So I went to the garden because I knew I will be able to meet them there.

So I asked this question to them, what is important in life and they replied, “Family.” There were tears in their eyes and the answer came out in a painful voice. And that hurt me.

After looking through all the answers I had taken from children, graduates and the elderly, I was able to find the answer: “Everything we are missing in this moment, right now, is important in life.”

So enjoy every second of your life, give time to your kids and your parents, because if they are not happy and are missing something in life, I bet you cannot be happy.