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4 Reasons Why Women Should Be Educated

Posted on September 15, 2016

By Devika Sachaphimukh:

The literacy rate in India according to the 2011 Census is 74.04%. The male literacy rate is 82.14% and the female literacy rate is 65.46%.

By reading the above statement, it must be clear that the number of men in our country are actually more literate than the women in our country. No matter how much a country is developed or has a high financial growth, the thing that actually matters in the end is if the citizens are actually secure and satisfied.

Everyday there are cases about women being raped or suffering from domestic violence. Most of the cases go unreported and unknown by the world. Women suffer in silence and the worst part of our society is that a part of it expects the women to do so.

So why is educating a women more important? Here are some points:

1. Because no matter what a women accomplishes, we have a male-dominating society. Educating women and getting them into every field will help in making women stand up for their rights.

2. A big turn in domestic violence: Once a women is financially equal to a man, he will not dare raise a hand upon her. Even if he does, a women can just walk out and live her life rather than suffer in silence because she has nowhere to go.

3. Promotes equality: Educating a women means that she will know her rights.

4. Promotes Independence: Once a women is educated and independent, she can choose whatever she does with her life and not be left crushed beneath someone else.

Lastly, it will lead to the development of the nation and the betterment of it as a whole.