Watch: Youth Of Tomorrow Says ‘Thank You’ To Adults Of Today

Posted on September 1, 2016 in Environment, Video

With each passing year, temperatures across the world are steadily increasing. The rising temperatures have a lot to do with how we have engaged with the environment over the past few hundred years. We have cut trees, polluted our water bodies and gone on a consumption rampage (for those of course who can afford it).

We aren’t going to be able to survive for long if we continue to do what we’re still doing today – not caring about our surroundings, the air, water and land that we are mindlessly polluting.

In this video, a citizen of the future is trying to appeal to our conscience. She strikes a chord when she thanks us for slowly ruining the world of tomorrow that she was going to inhabit.

Most of us at least care about ourselves and by that extension what is ours. Earth is our home. We should do so much more than we do today, in terms of making up to the only planet with life on it. We should try and fix what we’ve done wrong so that we leave the children of today a better world to live in.

With this thought in mind, Pikup, a ridesharing initiative has chosen to talk about these problems in their new video.