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“Just Let It Flow”: The Cauvery River Is Not Ours To Give

Posted on September 19, 2016

By Arun Natraj Chandru:

In the case of sharing water resources, who is the giver and who is the taker? I see no giver here. There are only takers. From whom are we taking? Not from any other person but from mother nature. Mother nature is the ultimate giver and she gives everything for everyone with eternal love and compassion.

Civilisations start on the river bank and it ends when the river dies. That is the kind of bondage that reflects how lives (not just humans) depends upon rivers. This country is gifted with many rivers – what we call “jeeva nadhi”  literally means a river with life. Without the life source, the whole existence will lose its liveliness. The liveliness of the river resides in the nature of its free flow. That is the beauty with which it flows constantly to spread liveliness in places.

If the river is prevented from its natural flow, then it is nothing but stagnated water like a pond or puddle; there is no life energy in it. Dams are constructed only to prevent the overflow of a river, or store water for drought but not to stop the flow of the river and to kill the river itself. The human mind is always delusional. They think that they can control something which they can never own. It is not the mistake of being a human, the mistake is with the way how our mind functions. Consciousness and realisation can only bring peace, nothing else can. No need to give anything. Just don’t stop, simply let it flow.