Age Is Just A Number

Posted on September 13, 2016

By Gargi Pandey:

Age is just a number. But having said that, I cannot deny that old age comes to all.

I have seen people who are young at heart even at the age of 90. And then there are young people who are too stressed to enjoy life just at 21.

The word ‘age’ has different meanings for different people. To some, passion is important. Hence they can do anything and everything they want at any age. To some, age only inspires to multiply the years they live.

In a typical Indian family, we have our parents who have laboured hard and sacrificed their happiness to raise their kids and give them a good future. But then as we progress in life and become independent, some of us forget that old age is bound to come to all, and our parents are no exception too.

There will be a time when they will need you. No matter how busy you are with your life, making your career, raising a family or partying with friends, travelling the globe, it is important to remember that old age is like another childhood. And we need to take care of them the same way they took care of us when we were kids.

Life is too short to count the good and bad things but yes how much good and bad we do is what really counts…

Though age is just a number, it will come to all of us.