26 International Scholarships That Indian Students Should Know About

Posted on September 5, 2016 in Education

By Gloria Kopp:

If like me, you want the best for your students, then you too may be wondering how you can help them take a better step towards a brighter future. Many young learners can be put off higher education because of rising tuition costs, and they may not necessarily realise that there are opportunities out there where they can acquire new skill sets while getting financial assistance.

Here, I have listed just some of the international scholarships, internships and training programmes that are within the reach of your capable pupils.


For those studying Business and Law with aspirations to become a lawyer, paralegal, mediator or a leader in business, there are a number of scholarships just waiting to be snatched:

1. Commercial Capital Training has created an opportunity for budding students where they can earn $1000 for their college education, and all they will have to do is submit an essay on a business-related topic win the competition.

2. David Anton is sponsoring a scholarship program worth $500, to be awarded at the end of the month, to help out enthusiastic law students.

3. PeopleClaim is taking interns for a period of three months where they can participate in ‘consumer and commercial disputes’. The experience of being able to offer inputs and assist with disputes would be invaluable to students looking for a career in the law sector.

4. Ashton & Price, based in Northern California, asks willing candidates to write a 500-1000 word essay. The winner will get a $1000 undergrad or postgrad scholarship.


Students who are looking to make history with the next scientific breakthrough could significantly benefit from scholarships from their STEM studies.

1. Masergy is offering a $5000 scholarship to the person who will have the best answers to a set of questions listed on their website. All other details are available online too.

2. The Elevator Consultants are willing to pay $1000 to one lucky TEC student. Candidates are asked to answer one of the two given questions. Of all the candidates, three will be chosen as finalists.

3. MyBioSource is offering a staggering scholarship of $10000 to undergrads or postgrads. 10 winners will be rewarded with $1000 and will also benefit from the company’s reputation for being reliable, knowledgeable and excellent customer support.

4. Ezenda is similarly eager to provide assistance to prospective students with $1000, in return for analytics- tasks.


This includes the study of creative writing, visual arts and much more.

1. Online Resume Builders is proud to offer an annual $1000 scholarship program to help candidates write perfect resumes.

2. AccuLynx, which helps trade contractors, awards a $2000 scholarship to help students ease the burden of educational costs.

3. Boom Essays has set up an online writing contest to allow students to win up to $2000 to fund their further education. Three top prizes are awarded to successful candidates.

4. Essay Roo, based in Australia, also offers a skill-based competition for promising writers and offers winners $3000.

5. Complete Web Resources‘ $1000 scholarship is available for eligible students who must write an essay to bag a chance to win.

6. Potashnik & Associates has set up two scholarships worth $1500 each, to help students with school expenses.

7. British Essay Writing Contest has just launched a £3500 scholarship. You can learn about the guidelines online.


The Medical sector also has a range of exciting opportunities for young students:

1. Wellcome invites those, who are interested in Doctoral Studentships, to apply on an annual basis and win a chance of receiving financial assistance.

2. MPH Programs List has a $500 Public Health Community (merit-based) Scholarship available.

3.Lakehouse Recovery offers a substantial $1000 scholarship every year. Students simply need to provide some personal details along with a 500-word essay to enter to contest.

4. There are just over 150 days left to apply for the Expert Institute’s 2016 annual Healthcare and Life Sciences Scholarship.


A range of reputable businesses wishes to help pupils financially with an array of Humanities scholarships up for grabs.

1. Novus Biologicals, who prides itself on research, is awarding a $1500 scholarship to those pursuing a degree in a science-related field. The program is awarded twice a year to successful candidates.

2. The Avomeen scholarship program remains open until the end of August and offers either $1000 or $500 to the winning pair.

3. Extreme Terrain is generously contributing $3000 to the winning candidate from agricultural studies.

4. O.G. Pest control is happy to award a $1000 scholarship to those studying Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Biology, Environmental Studies or other related fields.


Pupils with a flair for marketing can win a chance and get financial assistance too.

1. InMarketing, based in Australia, has a scholarship scheme that offers AUD 34,000 to graduates.

2. The Berbay Scholarship Program awards a $1500 scholarship to talented marketing and public relations students.

3. Lead Roster is offering a $1000 scholarship to students looking for an exciting career in B2B sales and marketing. Scholarships are awarded every December.

As you will see, there are so many generous companies and educational bodies out there, willing to help our students take the first step towards their chosen career, no matter what that may be. These professionals understand the financial strains that come with receiving education and are committed to making the experience more enjoyable for young enthusiasts so that they can become successful in their respective industries. I hope this information helps you to encourage and motivate your pupils to enquire and learn about scholarships!