Going For An MBA For A ‘Better Future’ Almost Made Me Lose Everything, But Then…

Posted on September 2, 2016 in Education

The journey of your life is not generally how you plan it, rather, it is how you respond and overcome the spontaneous circumstances. My battle in life depicts the story about how my mind as a warrior finally becomes victorious.

Being an Electrical Engineer and Masters in Power Engineering, I chose to join Reliance Power after my education. My journey started with an indelible training and experiences, further deployed to a plant operation area because of my enthusiastic skill to emergency action. Yet, my parents were apathetic towards my occupation profile, area and work. I worked with exuberant spirit since my work was entirely intriguing. Moreover, I was enjoying the company of my ebullient colleagues. I was having a great time there. Hitherto, my effervescence passion towards work and amiable personality made me popular.

Happiness and peace of soul always bargain for the contentment and pride in the eyes of parents and kin. I was craving for it too. But they kept coaxing me for a better job for they believed that I had the potential for more. Meanwhile, my beloved was pressurising me to reveal our relationship to our families. Life is a mercurial mix of chances and challenges, tension and trials. Fear of losing the ‘priceless’ at the cost of ‘some essentialities’ also disturbed my mind. I chose to go for MBA at the expense of delaying our marriage. I was in such a perplex situation that I had to leave my company, friends and, colleagues too.

Restless days, hard labour nights, reticence with my beloved disturbed my health, soul, and life. I went to Vellore to get myself checked and was diagnosed with many severe diseases including hypertensive and obstructive sleep apnea. My physical health broke down and I needed to lay down with the help of CPAP, a device that is used to help breathing problems or issues with sleep apnea. The entrance examinations were knocking at my door. I never liked giving excuses for my defeat. I worked till I was completely exhausted. My health deteriorated But my dogged determination and courage secured me a seat in SIOM, Nashik.

My life began to change when I ventured into the college grounds and met my roommates. The college along with my perky flat-mates healed me up. I began to recuperate. In only fifteen days my constant regurgitating diminished from 7-8 to 2-3 times a day. Within a month, I could sleep without the help CPAP and in a few more months my retching halted.

Today I am again a cheerful and sprightly man and I envisage the dreams and expectations my parents have for me in a new light.

I discovered that the path that leads to our dreams is not a straight one. The alternate routes lead to more surprises and are endowed with happiness. They help us judge our endeavours, our agile minds, also, the jaunty spirit that refuses to quit.


Image source: The India Today Group/ Contributor/ Getty Images