#NewsInTweets: Centre Might Cut Perks To Kashmiri Separatists At All Party Meet

Posted on September 7, 2016 in News

By YKA Staff:

What’s the latest around the world today? Curated for you from the interwebz, here’s a quick morning fix to keep you updated. In 140 characters at that! Presenting, #NewsInTweets:

1. Government to review facilities given to Kashmiri separatists which may include curbing down the high security provided to some of them.

2. A 28-year-old man from J&K was allegedly beaten up by his colleagues in Noida after having an argument. On seeking help from Noida police, Delhi police and Ministry of Home Affairs, he didn’t receive any response.

3. UNICEF report says that 50 million children have been displaced because of global conflict. Of these, 10 million are refugees whose status could not be determined.

4. Seven Indian institutes have been enlisted in world’s top 400 by a UK survey. Universities that have made the cut include IIT Bombay, Madras, Kanpur.

5. Militants attacked an army convoy in North Kashmir this morning leaving three soldiers injured.

6. In UP, a 14-year-old pregnant rape survivor was kept waiting because the doctors were ‘busy’ with a government event.

7. The CBSC board acted on complaints and disaffiliated six schools in Bangalore and Mysore that were run by a trust with forged documents.

8. International news agency AFP has opened up an office in North Korea, becoming one of the few foreign media houses to establish a full-time presence in the state.


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