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Pain Vs. Love

Posted on September 8, 2016

By Preeti Singh:

I am Pain.

I am perceived as the cause of everything hurtful, for the world will not look me straight in the eye. I stalk you in the shadow, I feed off your misery and I grow. I am all-encompassing, everlasting and omnipresent. I am unconquerable. I have been around forever, and I will never cease to exist. I am there in every person.

And yet, a sense of unease encompasses me. For the first time, I walk the streets not mindful of the desolation around me; of the rank odour of hurt. My presence is felt in your insignificance. My work is dangerous, but it is perfection. It had been, until I met her.

She defied my existence, scoffed at my trade and denied me my right. I had no part of her, and she eluded me. I have been feared and driven away wherever I have made myself known. Often unsuccessfully. She did not believe in me, and she welcomed me. She nurtured me and cared for me. She took my essence, and she changed me.

I took on a new meaning the day I met her. We are both a part of each other. To have her, you must go through me. I am now her ultimate protector, the guardian of that holy place where only those who did not stop while I put them through hell are granted passage.

Fear me, fight me, feel me, embrace me, and conquer me. Win her.

She is Love.