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‘I Dream Of Becoming A Travel Journalist’ – But Science, Kota And Parents Won’t Let Me

Posted on September 2, 2016 in Education, My Story

By Dushyannt Nagar:

I had a dream to become a travel journalist

It’s for real that Class 10 is that stage of life when we need to take decisions for ourselves but it was not like that for me and most of the students I know. Many people face situations where there decisions are not given their due importance.

This is what happened to me:

My life always seemed like a puzzle to me since I had started living in Jaipur. I had shifted to Jaipur when I was studying in Class 8. It was all new for me and my studies were affected.

Later that year, the Class 8 result came out and I totally screwed up.

That was the point where I lost the power to take my own decisions and simply became a dartboard for criticism. Since that day, my decisions were taken by others only. This continued and my life consisted of only listening to criticism which weakened me day-by-day. I was like tasteless bread.

And then came Class 10. After spending a lot of time having fun, it was during my mid-semester examinations that I realised that I had to start studying. But I never thought that it would become so hard. There was a time in my life when I thought of making a decision to go ahead and achieve my goal of exploring places but no, that too was not in my hand.

It was that time of the year that I had to choose my stream for Class 11. I had planned earlier to choose arts. But out of nowhere, I got the news that I was being sent to Kota. I was left with no right to change the decision as everyone was shifting and I had no choice but to go with my parents.

It totally made me shiver when I heard that I would have to opt for the Physics, Chemistry and Biology combination (PCB). All of this screwed with me especially when I was in Kota studying in Allen with too much burden on my head. I got to know that I would have to become a doctor. I don’t even know the ‘d’  of doctor. Soon, the studies there got too hard that it left me pressurised. It left me so pressurised that I even tried to do things which could have risked my life. But my parents got to know of my situation and they decided to get me out of Allen and come to Baran.

So after 2 months, I had left Kota and I came to Baran where I decided to take Arts. I was happy that a ray of light had came to me but once again a condition had been placed that I would be staying in Baran only and that I would have to study in a fake English medium school (it actually followed a Hindi medium). I studied in Class 11 by myself and scored 78% being a state board student from CBSE.

Now I live in Jaipur while I study in Class 12 in RBSE doing my best, without knowing whether or not, being a state board student will affect my future.

I want to say to every single person, always take decisions by yourself. Decisions made by others need not work.

It’s your life you have to live it until you die so it’s up to you whether you want to smile or be sad when you look back at the life that you have led.