On The Criticism That ‘Pink’ Has Received: ‘Why Can’t Men Be Feminists Too?’

Posted on September 29, 2016

By Divya Koman:

I believe that the film “Pink” is truly about women empowerment. The women in the film did far more than wail, and wait for a man to rescue them, as pointed out. Frightened in the beginning? Yes, it’s a natural behaviour of survivors, but you can’t deny the fact that they did fight for it and not give up.

I’m a feminist and proud to be one but I feel that many people have this misconception about feminism that only a woman can stand up for their rights. Why can’t a man stand up for women’s rights? Isn’t that what we are striving for, equality? I loved that it was a male lawyer as much as I would’ve loved it if it was a woman. Women in the movie stood up for their rights, filed a complaint, screamed their guts out and even pointed out that even if money is involved, there is no justification for harassing a woman. Most importantly, they didn’t give up, they fought. Not as easy as it sounds to do that.

It’s quite funny how people feel that it’s only liberating if a woman would’ve been the consulting lawyer. I quite enjoyed the fact that a man was standing up for women’s rights than shunning them. That’s what made the difference in the movie because it’s hard to find people actually doing that in real life. It showed evils of the society that women have to face: marital rape, molestation, victim-blaming and the importance of consent. Why are we concentrating only on the gender of the lawyer than the issue that the movie is trying to portray?

Can we appreciate the fact that we have finally started making movies that actually make sense than the usual creepy stalkers trying to woo the girl and finally marry her Also, never mind the sexist memes that surfaced on Facebook that only a man could save these girls. But the rest of you, please hold your horses and look at the bigger picture. To the people who wished that the lawyer must have been a woman, aren’t you being sexist too?

Let’s appreciate that it’s also encouraging men to be the change against inequality against women.