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‘Pink’ Shows Why The Word ‘No’ Is The Strongest Weapon Against Patriarchy

Posted on September 27, 2016 in Culture-Vulture, Women Empowerment

By Trishita Shandilya:

Shoojit Sircar’s new movie Pink has given a new identity to feminism. Even though the issue which has been touched on is not a new one, the way it has been presented is quite unique. Quite naturally, for women, an unsafe environment has become part and parcel of life. A mechanism has developed to avoid such unsafe situations. What differentiates the movie from real life is how the three main women characters have patience and courage. Qualities which are difficult to possess in real life due to challenging  circumstances. The anxiety of being criticised by the whole society is always there. In order to lead a normal and hassle-free life without criticism, majority of women do not attack prejudices. The small number of women who do gather enough courage to question such prejudices are labelled deviant or are avoided after being labelled as a ‘women’s rights activist’.

Exceptions should be appreciated. Exceptions such as the character of the lawyer played by Amitabh Bachchan. He represents the tiny group of men who have the courage to think out of the androcentric boundary, unlike the majority of men who are patriarchal in nature. Some men always raise their eyes and try to intimidate women. In short, they are always in the process of trying to suppress the woman. Dominating and suppressing anyone is pathetic and unethical. Removing such unethical suppression and creating an equal domain for all are the ideal goals of the feminist movement.

Yet, the goal will always be unattainable if the other side of the issue is ignored each time. The issue is about  women passing judgements on each other. This is a clear sign of being a hypocrite. Many women talk about equality, but at the next moment, turn their backs on issues of women’s right and indulge in criticism of other women.

A movement becomes successful only when there is collective consciousness. The feminist movement can be unstoppable only if it talks about experiences of suppression, subordination and demands equality. Many women also need to stop being judgemental about others. Women should also accept the diversity that exists within them. However, the thing which provides enough fuel to unite women together is the aim to remove widespread patriarchy. As the film Pink rightly shows, the word ‘no’ is one of the strongest weapons to win the battle against patriarchy.

The film illuminates the concept of ‘no’. It can transform society and make it equal for both men and women. Yet, that can only happen if a man accepts the woman’s ‘no’.

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