Why I Think A Male Lead In ‘Pink’ Does Not Make It Sexist

Posted on September 28, 2016 in Culture-Vulture

By Somaya Iqubal Khan:

Shouldn’t everyone stand up for each other? What if a man stood up for women? Feminism is a war against patriarchy, and even men can be part of it.

People are writing and sharing their reservations on the movie “Pink”. Some people are finding it hard to digest the film as a male lawyer, played by Amitabh Bachchan, is playing the role of being a saviour of women. This reason is enough for critical viewers of the movie to dismiss it as a failure.

Seeking help from a man does not cripple anyone’s strength. Both men and women can fight against patriarchy. Belonging to a particular sex doesn’t put a limit on someone’s virtues and capabilities. “Pink” is an accurate depiction of what can happen in life.

Not everyone is aware of the laws and legal rights to fight cases of sexual violence. We tend to cry, feel helpless and lose hope in completely unfamiliar situations. It doesn’t mean that women are less powerful, or necessarily need a male saviour. It’s just that the hero in this film is a male lawyer. It could have been a woman as well and that would have been equally empowering. A man playing the role of a lawyer fighting for the rights of women does not make the film sexist. What are the expectations of some people? A surreal scenario where the girls transform themselves into professional lawyers? If this had been part of the plot of the film, it would have been unrealistic.

“Pink” portrays the potential strength of women correctly when the actresses do not step back even when they are asked personal questions in court. They don’t leave each other’s side in the most difficult moments. They find strength, to be honest about everything. These are characteristics of women who are strong. These are essential conditions of feminism as well.


Image Source: Youtube