From Being A Shy Boy To A Professional Blogger And Speaker

Posted on September 4, 2016

By Ajay Singh:

When I was a kid I used to speak very less. Everyone used to ask what made me so shy and why I don’t speak much. But that’s just how I was. As I moved to the higher classes, I figured that I liked to write, more than other students in the class. Slowly I realised that I could be a good writer because I loved playing with words. And soon, I began writing articles of my own.

2013  came to offer a new turn in my life. I was in class 11 and I was selected as the literary secretary of my school at the end of the session which gave me a lot of confidence and I started trying out public speaking.

I remember going for the first speech of my school life and due to nervousness, I had forgotten everything I had mugged up. But after 10 seconds of silence, I started speaking from my heart. Whatever I was saying was only coming from my experiences. My speech was followed by a great applause and I was relieved .

From that day onwards, every speech that I delivered was from my heart. The most memorable comment, that I still cherish was made by one of my teachers,“I am hearing this kind of  a speech for the first time in my life”. I remember how strongly it had helped me build up my confidence.

In India, thinking of studying anything apart from engineering and medical, is treated as a crime. So I am living my ‘family’s dreams’ and  have come to Bhubaneshwar to pursue engineering.

While I am here pursuing the course, I love spending my time writing my blogs and poems. One of my roommates thought of an idea recently and we have finally launched a website, materialising the plan. It is called PepHour where along with me, the youth of India can spread make their talent by sharing their pieces.

I have kept myself motivated at every juncture in life and I believe that my words can motivate others too.