This Sexist Meme About “Pink” Got Shut Down By Amazing Feminist Responses

Posted on September 26, 2016 in Media, Sexism And Patriarchy

By Cake Staff:

Just when you thought it was safe to go out on the internet, the Sexist Meme Party has struck again! And now, the latest in this game of careless offensiveness has been a ‘helpful’ PSA based off of the new drama film, “Pink.” Starring Bollywood veteran actor Amitabh Bachchan, and powerful new female talents Taapsee Pannu, Andrea Tariang and Kirti Kulhari, the film is a dramatic exploration of how women survivors are shamed in Indian courtrooms. And there’s no way this highly anticipated film is going to slip by without some random dudebro commentary. Cue Facebook page Rajnikant V/s CID Jokes, which has actually tried to redeem itself with the holy-grail of meninism in their caption: “Not All Men.” And here’s the meme itself:


Hide yo husband, hide yo kids, because apparently feminists want to ruin everything. But after some “deep thought,” this meme was created to explain that feminists actually owe their freedom to men. Yes, because women are only free when men say they are! Patriarchal protectionism? Heck no, that’s not sexist at all!

Obviously, the admins of this page may have thought this was a good idea. But loads of Facebook users who had been subjected to the unpleasantness of this meme, rallied together to call out the bullshit right there in the comments section:









But of course, not all the comments were rallying in support of feminism. Some of them were just bizzare, like this:


But of the 1000+ responses this meme received on Facebook, it is certainly encouraging to see so many stand up for an idea they believe in. Users did something similar a while ago, once when a page tried pitting female athletes against other women, and once when Facebook users went at another page for its childish tantrum about the Delhi Metro providing women with a safe compartment to travel in. So this is hardly the first time a meme page is rightly being schooled in the basics of equality, and we sure hope this isn’t the last.

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