Assaulted By A Family Friend When Unconscious, A Young Woman Speaks Out

Posted on September 22, 2016 in Gender-Based Violence, My Story

Submitted Anonymously:


I woke up with my socks on. Something was wrong. He was asleep beside me. One look at his face and a memory of him holding his cell phone flashed through my brain. What happened last night? I had no clue. I recoil physically and mentally from the flashes. I have no idea when we ended up here. All I could remember was that we were bowling and I was winning. He had clicked a few pictures of mine there as well.

So here’s a little background about this guy: He is a family friend. We were introduced to each other by our parents. His mum and my mum are childhood buddies. He introduced me to his friends and flatmate. He showed some interest, and we were chatting and dating for the past one month. I had never felt unsafe in his company.

Then why do I have pain down there? I surfed through the gallery of his cell phone which was left on charging by the bedside. I went through 21 videos and endless pictures of the act. I never expected such a thing from this guy. I deleted all of them. I was crying and trying hard to remember anything about last night.

He was peacefully asleep, and I was crying while searching for my clothes. I couldn’t locate my undies. I got off the bed and fell on the floor. I had excruciating pain in my thighs. He got up because of the noise and asked me where I was headed to, “I cannot locate my undies, you have any idea what happened last night?” I replied.

“Yeah your undies are here on the floor to your right, and the food is in the refrigerator, go have something, you passed out last night’,’ was his reply. “And what about those videos and pictures of me?” I asked. “Oh that’s for the memory of an awesome night’,’ he replied. I was shocked with this response and this time I raised my voice, “How dare you click those without my consent? I don’t even remember a thing about last night.”

He got up and checked his cellphone, “I have deleted them” I said. “Why? How dare you touch my phone?” he shouted. I crawled out of that room. I could see many blood stains on the floor. I managed to get up with the help of a piece of furniture in the hall. I asked him to drop me home as I couldn’t walk. He started shouting at me.

I felt more than just horrible. He was always nice to everyone. Nobody will ever believe this incident. I left his flat, started walking on the road. I was in pain and was crying. He called me to check on me, but I was just lost. I walked for another 20 mins. I was wet down there. I knew that I was bleeding.

He left me all bruised down there. I took an auto and came home.

My flatmate’s mother opened the door; she knew I was with him last night. He came home last night, played with our pet, had a word with Aunty, and we had a sip of red wine. We then left for bowling. I just had one drink at the club and was sane enough to finish the game and walk out of the club. I just have no memory post that.

I have no idea how I ended up on his bed. Curled up into a ball in one corner of my bed, I cried.

I vomited for two days. I was traumatised and in pain.

Aunty took me to a clinic nearby for an injection to stop the vomiting. She thought this had something to do with the hangover. And I called him, this time, I yelled at him. He was avoiding my calls for the past two days but this time, my concern was the bleeding.

He joined me for the consultation with the gynaecologist, and she told him about the bruise and trauma. I told her he is not my husband, and I am concerned about my health. He sat there listening to us and even saw my reports. She discussed the bruises which caused the bleeding and gave me an ointment.

We stayed in touch post that, he had the MMS.

I left Pune in the next 15 days. I am not going back and have decided to stay away from such perverts. He wanted me to stay back. He even has a girlfriend; she has no idea about this side of him. I was his rebound, and that act has caused me horrendous physical, emotional trauma.

I am home preparing for my MBA entrance and still suffer from insomnia, nightmares and panic attacks. I cannot share this with my family cause they are not the types who will support me. His parents are orthodox, and they will never believe me. He is on Tinder, dating girls and might be doing this to others. I feel helpless and sometimes I texted him to stop doing this to anyone else. I have no idea how to react to this. I really want such a pervert to be caught and sacked by society once.

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