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How Family And Society Stops Us From Achieving Our Full Potential

Posted on September 15, 2016

By Devika Sachaphimukh:

In the recent Olympics, India brought home many medals. Everybody saw, read and appreciated the participants. We tweeted, shared and felt proud of  them. But the question here is what is actually stopping the rest of us.

If you have actually noticed, we all blame the society by how it judges and barricades a person to become what they actually are. But have we actually stopped for a minute and thought who actually is this society. Let me answer this question – this society is actually us and our families. How many times have we seen our parents watching television and appreciating the talents of the people in our nation and how marvelously they use their talent, and then these same people stop us to do what we want to.

We all have been programmed to stay in a box and to do what we have to do, rather than what we can do. India is a country with overflowing talent. But breaking out from that box of society and their pressures is the hardest thing for us.

When people rise and shine, they are appreciated by everyone but then when we want to rise, everyone is ready to pull us down. The only thing that can be done here, is to fight for that freedom and take the first step.

So today, I would like to encourage the youth of India, to pursue what you do best – and push free from the societal pressure. So people recognise India as what it really is – a country of talented youths rather than a country whose talent was pushed beneath stereotypes and pressures of the society and family.