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‘Kodaikanal’ Rapper Won’t Back Down: Sofia Ashraf Slams Unilever For Misleading ‘Facts’

Posted on September 17, 2016 in Human Rights, Video

By Jhatkaa:

Clearly, Unilever has not figured things out because Sofia Ashraf is back for some more corporate call-outs. This time, it’s in reply to Unilever’s misleading statements (and sometimes blatant lies!) regarding the mess they created at Kodaikanal. Despite the uproar which forced them to clean up their act (or so we thought) and compensate workers, Unilever’s CEO Paul Polman is now claiming that they didn’t, among other things, “dump glass waste contaminated with mercury on land behind its factory.”

Yeah sure, Unilever.

Luckily, Sofia’s here to call them out on this and more such ‘facts’ they’re trying to pass off as science. Catch the girl who started a revolution with ‘Kodaikanal Won’t’ serve some raw facts with finesse!