What The 9th Edition Of St. Stephen’s Case Study Tournament Has To Offer For Students

Posted on September 3, 2016 in Activities on Campus, Campus Watch, Delhi University

You would have come across so many posts, articles, posters, banners and all sorts of publicity material related to different events organised across the country, some matching your interest while others pushing you to participate with the hidden adventures in them.

The event on which this article is about, consists of both the above mentioned features. It will attract you, match your interest and subtly move you, make you want to try it out, at least once. So, let’s take a glimpse of the event.

DreaMerger 2016, organised by the Finance & Investment Cell of St. Stephen’s College is a national case study tournament based on Mergers and Acquisitions. One of its kind in India, it’s one of the largest case study competition in Delhi University. Bringing you the 9th edition of this event, DreaMerger is one the oldest and most prestigious competitions.

Now you might be thinking how is this event new from all those posts or articles about other events floating on your timeline? Well, we bring you all the reasons to be part of this exciting and challenging event.

• No need of prerequisite knowledge to participate: Yes, you heard it right. But you might be questioning, ‘isn’t this event based on Mergers & Acquisition, of which i know nothing?’ This event is surely based on that theme, but we don’t require any such prerequisite knowledge. This event is for all those, who want to give rise to the Sherlock in them to solve the mystery. Bring out the analytical consultant in you and solve the simple, yet challenging case study to help a company survive, by either giving way to merger or acquisition with other companies, provided in the case as an option.

• Put your dream in existence: Thinking of playing with giant corporates and make them run according to your wish? This event will surely give you that chance. Bring out the merger or acquisition of two same or diametrically opposite companies and list the synergies to win the race.

• Show your analytical skills to the corporate giants: DreaMerger has previously been judged by talents like Mr. Sanjeev Bhikchandani (Founder, naukri.com), Mrs. Ramni Nirula (VP, ICICI Bank), Mr. Anil Katyal and others. This is a platform where you can showcase your talents to the biggies of the industry.

• Fetch exciting prizes: DreaMerger is set to be bigger and better this time. The winners will be rewarded for all the hard work they have put in, by an internship opportunity with Technopak, a leading consultancy company. Apart from that, cash prizes worth Rs. 20,000 are also at stake. Certificates, trophies and goodies to follow. But above all, we assure you an unforgettable experience through DreaMerger 2016.

This competition is not any other event, but an opportunity to bring the best in you! Be a part of this to let the corporate self in you to come out. Meet the real world through this!

Merge. Acquire.
Realize the energy of synergy.
DreaMerger 2016. Let the game of firms begin!
September 5, 2016. Mark the date!