In 3 Minutes, This Ad Destroys Every Sexist Stereotype Women Face At Work

Posted on September 10, 2016 in Sexism And Patriarchy, Video, Women Empowerment

By Rohini Banerjee:

Workplace sexism is something that way too many women face in their daily lives. They are looked down upon for everything starting from promotions, pregnancies or working late – but this Tanishq ad is challenging all of that with an important message.

The ad looks at the experiences of various women in the workplace—whether it be an intern, to a mother juggling the household and the professional sphere, or someone who’s pregnant and refuses to be sidelined for it—and talks about the different hurdles they have to overcome in becoming successful. But the overarching message is incredibly empowering—it encourages women to combat all the stigma, discrimination and micro-aggressions and instead, concentrate on performing their best, at work.

It’s an ad that challenges patriarchal notions of what a woman can or cannot do, and in fact, it tells women to not care about all the harmful beliefs and stereotypes society tries to project upon them. Where Indian advertising usually goes horribly wrong when it comes to speaking up for women’s issues, this ad is truly revolutionary for everything it says. Here’s hoping more such advertisements follow suit and start making stronger feminist statements.