Forget Trump, UK PM Theresa May Is Already Constructing A Wall To Stop Immigrants

Posted on September 14, 2016 in GlobeScope

By Hari Nandan:

The recent decision of the UK to construct a 4-metre-high wall in order to prevent refugees has evoked anger and awe in the same measure. Did Theresa May follow the ‘Trump-ist’ idea of constructing a wall in the border to prevent illegal immigrants?

According to reports, the UK government has decided to construct a four-metre-high wall in the French port town of Calais, in order to prevent immigrants entering from the infamous ‘Jungle Camp’. This comes at the backdrop of the recent use of sarin gas by the Syrian government which shows the further deterioration of the human condition in Syria . The UK government apparently has taken to this resort to curb the increasing violence by immigrants towards the truck drivers plying in the region but political analysts are of the view that this is a move in order to control the booming immigrant population in the UK. The critics of the May regime have already nicknamed the wall as the ‘Great Wall of Calais’.

But what really concerns me is not limited to the construction of this wall alone, but it is the probability of other European countries following suit and doing the same. That will cause a series of walls to be built across the European continent, thereby completely leaving the immigrants at sea. Literally.