The Next Time You Cancel Your UberPOOL For No Valid Reason, Keep This In Mind

Posted on September 12, 2016 in Society

By Arunchandra C:

Next time, you are riding in an Uber cab, make sure you are nice and courteous to the driver. They are also out there just like you to make a living. People tend to cancel Uber cabs for a delay of 2 minutes. They don’t have the patience to understand that one can’t reach a short distance in just two minutes.

When a passenger cancels an Uber stating that the driver refused to come, it downgrades his rating which will in turn affect his incentive. I am sure you will be outrageous too or emotionally distraught if your incentives get delayed.

And after a while, you may wonder why no drivers accept your trip requests. The answer should be obvious: because you are an impatient monster who cancels for no valid reason and you don’t deserve to go anywhere. Karma! So good luck catching the bus.

On July 19, 2016, I booked an Uber Pool from Vidhan Soudha Metro station to SP Road in Bengaluru. My cab was matched with a person near Chinnaswamy Stadium. The driver called up the person to confirm the location, which he did. Later, when we were about to reach the pickup location, the passenger canceled it. The driver told me that people cancel for no reason which forces them to opt out of the Pool option during peak hour traffic.

Well, thanks to a number of impatient and insensitive people, you will find it difficult to get a cab for Pool option during peak hour traffic rush. Some Uber drivers have said that not many drivers want to drive for Uber Pool during peak hour traffic.

When one books a cab using the Uber Pool option, they will see the estimated time it’ll take the driver to come and pick you up. If there is a co-passenger travelling with you, their name will also be displayed. However, you can’t see where your co-passenger is going. You can track the cab using the map. I don’t understand the motive behind cancelling the trip which was delayed by two minutes because of the traffic. What about the driver? Have you ever tried to think from the perspective of the driver?

People need to be more sensitive about others. I have seen a few people that take a decade to step out of their buildings and get into the cars when there is already a current rider in the pool. As a rider, the optimal UberPOOL experience is one in which you are matched with no one else. If this happens, you get a car to yourself, meaning you get a private car service that is usually cheaper than a normal ride.

I hope more drivers send their complaints to Uber because all I have heard so far are such horror stories. I don’t like the fact that drivers can’t opt out. If riders aren’t matched, the drivers don’t get paid for the unmatched portion, meaning they lose out on that fare.

No one has any idea how your experience will be like during an Uber trip. I would have had to share the ride with some stranger who may or may not be nice, may or may not turn out to be a weirdo.

So why not just take UberX and pay an extra buck or two? I think that’s the better option.