Upside Down…

Posted on September 16, 2016

By Haryax Pathak:


It had taken me half an hour to set the two magnifying lenses, of different sizes and focal lengths, and the small trophy, when I clicked this upside down picture. Half trophy in each lens, without making it look morphed. Half an hour, for one single click. And the review I got was,“Why is this trophy upside down?”

I don’t understand one thing. Why can’t the trophy be upside down? Why does it have to be upright, always? I specially ventured to click it upside down, to have a new, a different view. Using 2 lenses requires a fair knowledge of 12 standard physics, in optics.

But very few are there, willing to think outside the box. Let’s have an adventure today. Today, we will see things, not the way they are, but ‘upside down’.

Let’s imagine a car, with wheels on top, rather at the bottom. You would say, it’s useless to have a car like that. It can’t be driven on roads. But who needs roads when you can drive this car on the underside of a bridge? Of course, you need the technology to defy gravity, but still, it requires thinking outside the box.

Now, let’s imagine we are driving this car, and looking at the world, upside down. We are under the bridge, spanning a river. There’s nothing between you and the river. Let’s add to the fun. You look out the window and see the river below, (technically on top, since we are upside down). Suppose, the car has a glass roof, (which will be ‘above’ you, because again, we are upside down). You see the river, maybe, a few boats as well, through the glass. Imagine this. How does it feel? When I first thought of this, yeah, I felt excited! It’s something new, something different, (bit dangerous as well).

I know, what I said above, is a fantasy. But I’ll also say, what’s wrong with the fantasy? It’s madness, yes. It’s not real, yes. But it’s entertaining. It’s refreshing.

And who knows, someday, a fantasy might come true. It’ll come true if one dares to cross that line between the real and the imagination.

We arrange the pieces as they fit and solve a puzzle. What if we arrange them differently and make way for a new piece, a new puzzle? Ever thought of that? We play by the rules, we stay inside limits, We actually stay ‘upright’.

I say it’s time, we go ‘upside down’…

Image shared by the author.