“I Built The World’s Second Largest Content Platform. This Is How I Did It”

Posted on September 2, 2016 in Entrepreneurship, Video

By JoshTalksIndia:

When people congratulate Vinay Singhal on WittyFeed’s ‘overnight success’, he has to tell them nothing happened overnight. Hundreds of sleepless nights had to be endured before Vinay, co-founder and CEO, could achieve fame. “Success only came to me after repeated failures and a lot and lot and lot of struggle” says Vinay.

Called India’s answer to BuzzFeed, WittyFeed is a similar platform but it user-generated.

Vinay’s story was not an easy one. And so when he sees a lot of young entrepreneurs chasing the dream of a star-studded future, he reminds them that that is not necessarily what will happen. Perseverance is key. And he knows that because it was only after more than five years, 4 product fails, eight bankruptcies and 40 people working day and night, that WittyFeed became what it is.

It all started with a thought of changing the world and everything wrong with the country bothered Vinay. Change is something he breathes and lives.

“Don’t run after money. Do things you’re passionate about. Cultivate a passion for what you’re doing. Because when things go south, your passion is what will keep you afloat” he rightly reminds his audience having been through numerous finance crunches himself. In a world where startups fail easily, Vinay is realistically optimistic. You can check out his address at Josh Talks below: