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Walk Away From Unrequited Love

Posted on September 21, 2016

By Kamal Sucharan:

Love is elusive and unrequited sometimes – trust me I’ve learnt a lot by this. I’m not going to whine over my exes, however I would share my personal transformation that inspired me to thrive for the love I truly deserve.

I’ve come across lots of instances of unrequited love. Here is my attempt to make you realise your own worth to love the love that actually loves you, not that pretends to be the one.

We all might have experienced the agony of unrequited love – unsent drafts in the messages, unanswered calls, and deliberate evasions, lonely nights, exploiting tendencies and pretending confessions.

Human beings crave for connection – however craving should never become so desperate, pampering the unrequited love to the core. We tend to stoop too low to win love, lose our ego boundaries, become desperate, whine over partner and cry alone. Is it love?

I can’t define love, but I’m pretty sure of what is not love – the love that is condescending. We pretty much love the idea of being in love rather than actually in love. Why?

The reason is our insecurity. We always live in the constant state of fear and desire. We mask our inadequacies to feel good. Very few have the courage to deal with the darkness inside. These inadequacies threaten us to find the love we actually deserve. Just remember, beyond the perils of fear and desire, lies love.

In one-way or the other, we all might have faced the grave reality of unrequited love. It’s time now to fine tune yourself. Carl Jung says, “Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.”

So, stop searching for answers and start concentrating on personal growth. Invest time in people you admire, read books you love, learn something new and explore the world. Go with the flow of universe; do not force something, which is beyond your control. Trust in the life’s timing, brim with confidence and love yourself to the core to attract the right partner. Only a brimming heart can share love not an empty heart.

Eventually, what you focus is what you get. So whom are you waiting for? Accept the reality – legitimate suffering is part of the life and be courageous enough to walk away from unrequited love. After all we create our own reality. Know you, no body has the answers for you – life is waiting.