With This One App, China Is Winning The Internet

Posted on September 7, 2016 in Video

By Saswati Chatterjee:

Texting people, calling people, playing games, sending mails, talking on forums, checking out eateries… Apps have become necessary in our everyday lives, without us even realizing how much we have come to depend on them for even basic activities.

We’re living in times when information is flowing like never before. On top of that, the number of ways we have to communicate with someone are aplenty. And at the centre of this communication and information nexus, we have China- already way ahead of the world in the game.

The Chinese market has always kinda existed in a microcosm of its own, segregated from the rest of the world by strong censorship laws and ‘what’s allowed to operate in it’. So it’s not surprising that the country has come up with its very own network of information and boy, it’s a doozy. Take a look!