In Times Of Communal Divides, I Have A Different Understanding Of God

Posted on October 25, 2016

By Sakshi Rao:

The fact that religion is not considered a separate entity and is spoken about in the same breath as terrorism nowadays and from ever, is no new thing.

But the kind of examples some people quote for society to show us the mirror of exactly how a religion should be followed, is new.

On a personal account, I will like to share the image of god, I received in heirarchy. I was scared of making mistakes during fasting and religious practices, uttering wrong words during mantras or not bowing down when I see some figure of God. “Maybe I would get a harsh punishment” was the only thought. Religion was like a compulsion.

Then I literally sat one day in front of God and talked to them for around two hours. I discussed all my insecurities, and I discovered my new image of God.

On a rainy day, I thank them to give me the chance to live. I can feel them in raindrops. I am sure they are in the rare cool summer breeze and the first morning sun rays in winter. One can feel them in the clouds that give you momentary coolness in summers. And when some strangers comes to your help, be sure to bow down and say thanks. they were God.

Irrespective of my religion, I celebrate every festival. I don’t burn crackers on Diwali because I know it will hurt those I feel have God. Surely I won’t get the cool breeze and soft smell next morning.

I love all those people who can go for a ‘eidi sivayian‘ and even have a ‘gujiyas‘ on Diwali. Those who go to ‘lunggars‘ and decorate Christmas trees as well.

Try to give something out of your cupboard to a roadside beggar. Anything, may be t-shirt that is no more in fashion. See the sparkle and joy in their eyes. I bet you will feel God.

As Indians, we have so many religions and so many celebrations. And we miss the beauty of it all just to stick to some strange superstitions.

Who says that you have to burn things to meet God?. In fact, I meet them every new morning.

God is the most amazing creation of the human mind and the best sensation a human can have. It is overwhelming joy.

Feel God, because religion is more than just mere fights and ego clashes.