Are Academic Qualifications Necessary To Work As A Freelancer?

Posted on October 24, 2016

work as a freelancer

Do you need to be highly qualified to be successful in your career? Are educational qualifications an obligation? The first thing that’ll come to your mind is – without education, one cannot shine in life. Well of course, education is necessary. It helps us nourish our talents, helps us recognise some of our potential qualities. Academic qualifications are a dependable way to find a comfortable career but it is sheer hard work that is the key to success above all.

There is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs.

Two of the most renowned tech giants of the world, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, were extremely passionate about their business plans, which drove them to even drop out of colleges. They believed in their dreams and banked upon their capabilities. Despite not having many educational qualifications, they kept working hard and finally reached where they had desired.

Freelancing [Required qualification: sheer talent]

One of the finest examples of the modern era that has opened gates for people with enormous talent, and without a long list of academic qualifications, is freelancing. Seeing the escalating popularity of freelance work, there are many professionals who have proved that to become a successful freelancer, hard work is key. For example, if you love writing but do not have a proper degree to support your skills, online content writing jobs can be game changers. Even if you do not hold a high degree in communication but know the crux of using the right word at the appropriate place, along with excellent writing skills, then success isn’t far away.

Online courses: An option

Freelancing requires you to be highly talented and skilled to work for different types of clients. However, there are many people, who want to work as a freelancer but are not skilled enough to be an expert. One solution that works for many is pursuing an online course in your field of interest. If one has the zeal to learn and deliver expertise through work, online courses are a great way to enhance skills.

3 credentials to be a successful freelancer

Curiosity: To become a successful freelancer, you need to stay curious to learn about the changing trends and patterns of the industry of your interest.

Hunger: You need to be hungry for success. This reminds me of former Indian cricketer, Saurav Ganguly. He was never satisfied with just a win but wanted his team to be the best.

Courage: Let’s face it! Everyone faces rejection, so will you. If you are a beginner, don’t feel low when a client rejects your work. Remember – with every relevant rejection, you know more of what not to do in future.

So, if you don’t have many academic qualifications, but have the zeal to taste success, freelancing is for you.