What Good Does It Do To Kick Pakistani Artists Out Of India?

Posted on October 13, 2016

By Suneel Kumar:

Using our chauvinism to hide from ourselves in the mirror, punishing and abusing innocent people without even reflecting on ourselves has become our habit. Hatred is what has started to give us pleasure and revenge is like the drug that captures all our pleasure hormones.When will we understand our fight is not against Pakistan but the terrorism that it breeds? How will abandoning Pakistani actors help our dream of a peaceful society? Are we ready to act as mere characters whose roles are scripted by some honchos willing to promote war?

Our army fights to protect innocent people but we kick innocent people out of our country just because they were born in a land that we believe to be is a ‘land of terrorists’. We need to ask ourselves this question: does being born in a land make one answerable to all the things that are happening there? Do we not feel pity for North Koreans?

It is important that we keep aside all the propaganda that we have been fed and ask ourselves these questions.