What We Lose Out On, In The Rat Race Called ‘Engineering’

Posted on October 17, 2016

By Megha Anand:

If you ask a kid studying in Class 7 or 8 about what they aspire to be, the most obvious answer you’ll get is either doctor or engineer.

Unfortunately, little do they know, even after so much development, there is a lack of guidance regarding various career options among students. According to a widely held belief in our country, after getting the title of an engineer, if you have a salary, you are considered successful. It really doesn’t matter whether or not the job is giving you happiness and contentment. And if anyone tries to break this set trend, initially they are looked down on by society. Society calls them ‘inconsistent’ or having lack of direction. If they succeed, this ‘inconsistency’ gets transformed into ‘evolution’ and if luck doesn’t supports them and they fail, they become examples that are not to be followed by next generation.

In the four years of training towards becoming an engineer, they are made to learn a lot of subjects. Most of them have hardly anything to do with this practical world and are insignificant in the job that they are supposed to do. After getting a degree, most of them jump into the corporate world. They jump into a race in which even they don’t know for what they are fighting.

However, the thing which remains unnoticed is their real talent . Every person has something inside them. Even the person who is considered as the dumbest has some talent. That talent gets wasted. We lose many good writers, poets, journalists, teachers, singers, actors and more, due to this rat race.