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How I Realised That Banaras Hindu University Is Perfect For Me

Posted on October 3, 2016 in Activities on Campus, Campus Watch, My Story

By Sumit Buchasia:

Banaras Hindu University is now an integral part of my life. But it was of little importance to me a couple of months ago. I appeared for its entrance exam only because my friend persuaded me. Even though I cleared the exam with flying colours, I wasn’t planning to take admission. Sometimes, life gives you things you don’t want, and you have to accept them unwillingly. Only to realise that they are the best things.

Every student dreams of scoring well in the class 12 board examinations and so did I. Despite being a science student, I wanted to pursue English honours from Delhi University. Sadly, life wasn’t in my favour. I was in Mussoorie enjoying my holidays, when my board results were declared. Overconfidence had taken over my dreams and had shattered all my hopes. I had scored a mere 79%. All my friends were enjoying their success, while I was the only one regretting my failure. The worst part of it was that, I only had myself to blame for it. This incident taught me that nobody else is responsible for my failure or success.

sumit-buchasia-3A few days later, I applied for admission to St. Xavier’s College, Ahmedabad. I chose English, Psychology and Economics as my major subjects in the application form, unaware of how much I would have to pay for this later. My application was shortlisted, I was called for an interview and I even managed to clear it and get admission in one of the most reputed colleges in the country. It was like a remedy for my wounds. However, I only realised after attending classes, that I hadn’t picked the right subjects. I should have chosen Functional English, but I didn’t know the subject was taught in college when I was filling the application form. The college administration did not allow me to change my subjects. As a result, I had to leave St. Xavier’s. I had never imagined that something like this could happen.

This is how I ended up in BHU. The University where I never wanted to be. I chose the subjects of my liking there, but was still not pleased with the unwanted changes that were taking place in my life. Thankfully, my initial apprehensions were put to rest once I started attending the classes. I soon found out that the University had some of the best faculty in the subjects I had chosen. The students were eager to learn and being with them was something I could not afford to miss. On my third day of college, I joined the college’s Career Development Cell, which encouraged students to develop their personality. Over the course of time, I have realised the benefits of being closely associated with a cell, whose social contributions are laudable.

It was only after all this, did I realise that BHU is perfect for me. Today, I’m very satisfied with where I am. I know that there could not be a better place for me. The last six months have taught me many valuable lessons, which have shaped me into a better individual and have helped me realise that everything happens for the best.


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