With A Failing System, Things Are Not Looking Up For Delhi’s Government Schools

Posted on October 12, 2016

By Sakshi Rao:

It is with great pain that I write about the situation of government schools in Delhi as my own brother is studying in there and my father is a teacher.

Education is the so-called ‘prime focus’ of Delhi government. But on the ground level, things seem to look very different.

First of all, the very moment you enter the school, you will see huge hoardings and posters all around the gate and entrance that claim the ‘reforms’ that have been carried out in these schools.

According to many teachers, they do not get sufficient time to take classes because they are supposed to be involved in so many activities apart from teaching. They are also occasionally sent to week-long spiritual seminars  Apart from this, many days in a year are announced as holidays leaving the number of days for teaching, that is compulsory for a session to end, not being able to reach the required limit.

The situation results in no time for revision activities and the syllabus is completed in a hurry.

Another incident which caught my attention was the fact that our Deputy Chief Minister had visited Finland to observe their system of education.

Well, I think the states in South India are a better examples to improve our education system.

Education attracts the limelight for sure, but it seems like we are in a rush to build a high-tech environment while many schools do not even have proper sanitation facilities.

Passing all the students will provide them with a qualification but I believe that their futures deserve far better.

This situation is pretty critical and needs urgent attention. The focus should be on looking at education as a means to development not just as a mere qualification.