The Story Of The Woman Who Cares For 300 Dogs In Delhi Will Melt Your Heart

Posted on October 16, 2016 in Video

By Shambhavi Saxena:

Here’s something for those of you who are obsessed with your furry family members, or the furry passers-by on the street. And even if you’re not, this story will warm your cockles anyway. Pratima Devi is a rag picker who works in Delhi. She runs a tea stall on the side, and lives in a small shanty in a lane behind PVR Saket, a popular hang out in New Delhi. And the routine that makes up her everyday is absolutely incredible.

Pratima Devi looks after over 300 stray dogs in the area, and she has been doing so for a long time. With the few resources she has she makes sure they all eat, and takes care of their basic health as well.

We often hear that those who have little are often the ones with the biggest hearts, and in Pratima Devi’s case, that couldn’t be truer. For many people in the city who are community dog feeders, or who just care about the welfare of local animals, she is an amazing inspiration. But one of her biggest requirements right now, is that someone will continue her work when she is no longer able to. And her demand is one that needs to be addressed immediately.

Not many people foster positive feelings towards strays – the violence against these voiceless animals appears to have spiked in the last couple of months alone, with various groups and individuals going as far as killing and parading the bodies of dead dogs. In light of all this, a figure like Pratima Devi actually shows us what human compassion looks like, and all the good that it is capable of doing.