Watch These 4 Young Poets Absolutely Destroy The Myth Of ‘Female Privilege’

Posted on October 5, 2016 in Cake, Gender-Based Violence, Popsicle, Sexism And Patriarchy

By Cake Staff:

Way too often, we women are accused of pulling the ‘woman card’ to get our way. Whether it’s being dismissed because we’re ‘PMSing’ or being told that we can get away with offences by virtue of being women – this ridiculous accusation comes in multiple forms. But spoken word collective ‘Get Lit – Words Ignite’ hits back at this tendency with their latest and incredibly powerful performance poetry.

In the poem, eponymously titled “The Woman Card,” they address the various forms of sexism that women face on a day to day basis – from the wage gap, to sexual objectification, to the violence and racism black and hispanic women face, and rape culture (including a significant reference to the Stanford Rape Case and Brock Turner’s lenient sentence). It’s a brilliant insight into the various levels of oppression a woman can face, and a deep and incisive look at how harmful the sexist allegations of ‘pulling the woman card’ can be for a woman who already has to face so much by virtue of her gender. It definitely throws up some uncomfortable truths, and even brings up topical debates like that of abortion rights, the expensiveness of female hygiene products, and so on.

Watch this to know exactly how toxic male privilege can be, and how absolutely NOT empowering the ‘woman card’ is:

Featured Image Source: The Huffington Post.