These Beautiful Friendships Don’t Care About Your Stereotypes And Labels

Posted on October 18, 2016 in Video

By Lipi Mehta:

In the face of acute intolerance and discrimination that we see in the world around us today, it’s hopeful and refreshing to see that there are some connections that are untouched by this. These are the connections or friendships that go beyond the labels of similarities and differences; beyond the labels of caste, religion, gender and location.

Take the story of Anando and Nilarko for example (that you’ll see in the video below) – both of them have smashed gender stereotypes (and society’s notions of who you should and should not talk to) to create a beautiful friendship. Their friendship is weightless, in the way that it’s not bogged down by the baggage of any labels that often come in the way of true connections. Such a bond is enriching and forces us to re-look at prejudices and our own judgements about others more critically.

Like Anando and Nilarko, you’d have seen more individuals in this video who are smashing stereotypes that come in the way of real friendship. These young individuals are a part of ‘Samjho Toh Express’, a nationwide campaign by ‘Commutiny – The Youth Collective‘. The ‘journey’ brings together people from diverse backgrounds and through a series of activities and initiatives, it helps people become friends, leaving behind labels that restrict real connections. To become a part of this journey, head here.