‘IAS Was My Dream And Travelling Was My Love’

Posted on October 14, 2016

By Saumy Dixit:

I was a normal guy pursuing my B.Tech – that’s right I am one of them, mostly confused about the thing when it came down to my career. Should I go with engineering or look for something else? I got no guidance. My parents said, “You can do whatever you want and we will be there for you.” That was cool and very supportive, but for the boy who didn’t even know what options he had, this was not sufficient. I mean, I could not go for “whatever,” I need to know what was ‘whatever’ first. But there was no one. This was the system of education in India who had crippled me.

I was not doing well in studies, so I decided to look for the alternative I had and I found out that it was IAS. As my father was in touch with the agricultural sector because of the farm we had and our family income is dependent on agriculture and no one is aware of the fact that the condition of farmers in India is deteriorating, I decided to prepare for the most prestigious exam in our country to contribute to the upliftment of the rural sector.

Later, I found out that the choice I made was not exactly satisfying. I prepared for around two to three months, studying 8 to 9 hours a day. I realised that traveling was the thing that I love. IAS was a dream and travelling was the love. It was getting more and more difficult for me to decide which one to choose.

I had all the time to do the thinking, thanks to a bout of chikungunya. After regaining my health, I came to a conclusion – continue IAS preparation, which is my dream and look for a job side-by-side to cover my expenses for traveling. I didn’t want this to be a burden on my father anymore.

I have read this somewhere – “Follow your dreams. Don’t care about the money. Make sure you earn enough before stupid thoughts like this come in your mind.”
Questionable argument but that is why I am looking for a job in renewable energy sector currently and also working on my dreams to come true.

As I am writing this letter, I have already gone through many ups and downs during my struggling period and now I am going to hit it as hard as it takes to break the competition.

Some words of wisdom: “Don’t stop loving what you love because of your dream and don’t kill your dream because of what you love.”