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Why A War Between India And Pakistan Should Be Out Of The Question

Posted on October 17, 2016

By Sonia Mannotra:

An inflated ego is the root cause of the problems we are facing today. Blinded by ego, we don’t see reason or logic and harm other people.

In my opinion, the current tussle between India and Pakistan is also a result of such an ego. We are fighting over things which happened long time ago. Due to some misguided, reckless and fanatical people, we all have lost our sensibilities and are getting sucked into this vicious and never ending cycle of hatred and apathy.

Many Indians and Pakistanis have held grudges against each other for so long, that they don’t even know how to behave otherwise. They have held on to their respective beliefs for such a long time, that it’s evidently only a matter of ego now. How can they bow down now? Wouldn’t that be unfair to their predecessors? Won’t that make them look weak?

They don’t realise that times have changed. There are different ways to solve problems. More importantly, people are educated now. How can educated people blindly follow customs set by people who were less educated or completely illiterate?

Innocent people and army personnel are dying for a pointless cause which has no conclusion. If a war takes place between India and Pakistan, many more innocent lives will be lost. Whatever the conclusion of the war may be, it is certainly not worth it.

People calling the shots make bad decisions. Yet, whenever something bad happens, it’s not the ruling class that suffers. Common people like us have to deal with the consequences. Instead of using our brains, we digest whatever is served to us and take the liberty of being enraged. Are so many people in this generation so naive that they can’t differentiate between right and wrong? Aren’t we peace loving people who just want to live in harmony? Do we actually want to fight? Do we really want war? Do we like to see people getting hurt? Isn’t there any other way? Can’t we think logically? Don’t we have some other important issues to focus on?

Most importantly, do we really want to live a life filled with negativity and fear?


Image Source: Visual News/ Getty Images