With Mohalla Clinics, Quality Healthcare Is No Longer A Far Cry

Posted on October 26, 2016

By Stutii Narula:

Mahesh Verma runs a confectionery shop in a local residential area of Laxmi Nagar near Ganesh Nagar Complex. He dreads falling ill, because he thinks falling ill means waste of money and time, there are no good government hospitals in his approach. All he has is the private hospitals. There are few clinics near his area but some charge high fees and others are unqualified doctors. Mahesh can’t afford the luxury of a private doctor or private hospital. But things changed for the better once a Mohalla Clinic in his neighbourhood.

Mohalla Clinic is an initiative by Delhi government to reform the healthcare sector. These clinics are meant to provide consultation, free essential drugs, immunisation for children and 50 basic tests and counselling. It commits to be very useful and economic for the poor and the middle class.

When asked Mahesh the reason for which he visited the clinic he said, “I was suffering from viral and I felt reluctant to visit any doctor because no good facilities were provided and some were costly and I thought that with time I will be get better with home remedies but it got worse. Then one of my customers told me about this new clinic. From outside I thought that it would be costly with private doctors but when I experienced it, I was pretty happy with the treatment and facilities provided within my source and within weeks, I was all better.”

Mahesh was then asked about the facilities, infrastructure and his overall experience to which he said, “It was managed by a qualified doctor, sister and a technician. It was in a systematic order. Checkups didn’t cost anything. Medicine was also subscribed and provided at a minimal cost and some were even free. Most importantly, it was easily accessible and affordable and now I won’t be afraid to fall ill because now I know that I can get the treatment easily without travelling and without spending my savings on treatment.”

Not only Mahesh but when other patients were asked at the Clinic about the treatment, they all seemed satisfied and happy with the facilities that were provided within their range and now they don’t have to travel a lot to get the best treatment. The government has taken some fruitful steps towards the healthcare for poor and middle class people. Although high technology equipments are not available, medical care to some extent is provided. Upgraded healthcare is no longer a far cry.