Why We Should Never Stop Dreaming

Posted on October 24, 2016

“A dream is the seed of possibility planted in the soul of a human being, which calls him to pursue a unique path to the realization of his purpose”

                     – John C Maxwell

A dream is hope, desire or longing for any achievement. It energizes your mind and soul, and empowers you to do everything that you want to achieve. The dream is a blueprint of your purpose and potential. It enables a person to imagine, create and achieve. Sometimes dreams are so passionate, unique, impactful and great that they have the capability of bringing a tremendous change in the lives of people around us. For example: Mark Zuckerburg once dreamt of connecting people. Later on, his dream has changed the course of humanity, as he created Facebook. Now, it has become one of the most powerful social media platforms which connects the whole world. Magical, isn’t it?

If you think of something and it gives you positivity, undefined happiness and immense pleasure, then congratulations! You are dreaming. Once you start dreaming, you will start living your life to the core instead of just existing. It’ll give you enough energy, enthusiasm and power to create something. Whether you are able to fulfil your dreams or not, you MUST not stop dreaming, because a wise human once said that nothing worth having came through an easy way. But if we peep through another aspect, There is one problem in the world – most people are not even AWARE of their dreams. They blindly follow the footsteps of successful people and try to adopt their habits. But in the end, unfortunately they are left with disappointments and curse themselves. You know what is the major difference between you and them? Instead of looking at other people they have their own dreams. They believe in themselves, and that’s what boosts them. You can also be one of them or more precisely you can be YOU with all that passion embedded in your dream. Instead of dictating other people’s stories, you can write your own. But firstly you’ll have to realise your own dreams. Now the question is, how?

Sit down at one place calmly, and ask yourself:
What do I want?
What makes me happy?
What profession excites me the most?
What do I want my future to be like?

To get the right answers you can:

1. Focus: Keep your mind blank and focus towards getting answers. This will not only help you to get right answers but will bring out your full potential.

2. Meditate: It will not only bring peace of mind but will also help you focus on the right things. It will bring out the best version of you. You will be able to think outside of the box and bring out full potential from inside of you.

Once you have the answers, before taking any action, you must imagine your dream. It will bring immense pleasure and positivity around you. But remember to believe in your dream. The power of belief has the power of doing wonders. Believe yourself and your dreams. Don’t lose hope and keep motivating yourself by imagining your dream.

Now it’s time to chase your dreams. For that you need to take action. Do whatever your heart says. It will always show you the right path.

There are always ups and downs in chasing the unusual path. You might sacrifice a few things, might feel low at times, might even want to escape from it, but that is the point where you would have to gather strength and tighten your fists and say this to yourself loud “I CAN DO IT”.

Last thing you need to do is trust God. Don’t worry about results. Keep going until your dream is accomplished.