Why We Need A Reminder Of What Actually Is Feminism

Posted on October 13, 2016

By Suneel Kumar:

Our society has always been under a male hegemony.
The physical strength has often been used as a reason to assert dominance. Cases of domestic violence, molestation and sexual assault have become so common these days. This dominance does not stop here, it extends to workplace as well. An average working women receives up to 30% of lesser pay than a male employee for doing the same work. My grief is inexplicable over how our society accepts it as a women’s fate and tend to favor men on the grounds of their power.

Feminism is a commonly misunderstood subject. Often you’ll hear people saying “Feminism talks about women’s superiority over men!” which is far from the truth.
Even the Rio Olympics 2016 were a topic of huge debate. We all were proud of all the athletes but some people made this issue a ploy to ignite sexist ideologies. The homecoming of our pride was used to assert the superiority of one sex over another.

Education remains to be the only effective tool left with us to bring  positive change and change the fate of our not-so-morden society.

Some people are making the concept of feminism narrower and we as responsible human beings must understand that we all are equal.