In 5 Minutes, This Fiery Young Poet Gives The Sex Talk We Never Got

Posted on October 8, 2016 in Sexism And Patriarchy, Video

By Saswati Chatterjee:

Breaking stereotypes is a long and time-consuming process (what with centuries of patriarchy and society) but Delhi Poetry Slam’s Sonel has got you covered. From talking about sex to gender rights to gender non-conformity, Sonel is on a roll of breaking all stereotypes. Because no matter how complicated it sounds, it actually isn’t. And this is a poem that shows us that.

Take a look at some of the best lines:

“Sex is not an inappropriate word, so talking about it in a poem is not inappropriate.”




“You can’t teach these little people how to be perfect men or women; teach them how to be better people.”



“The shape and size of your sexual organ doesn’t make you any lesser or more of a man.”

bodybuilding-masculinity macho man


“Tell your young sons they do not have to be men just because their bodies say so.”

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“A pussy is not a faint-hearted coward and definitely not a term for the female genitalia, a pussy is a cat. And that cats are royal ferocious creatures.”



“Don’t call it ‘making love’; tell them it is not necessarily ‘love’.”


Watch Sonel slammin’ stereotypes here: