The Success Of Ola And Uber Has One Casualty: Auto Rickshaw Drivers

Posted on October 19, 2016

By Haardikk:

Since the arrival of app-based taxi booking services like Ola and Uber, the field has faced a great response. This is mainly due to their services which are obviously better than the normal auto rickshaws, due to which the auto rickshaw community has faced serious drop in their demand. Commuting in auto rickshaw regularly and encountering different auto rickshaws drivers, on talking with them, I have noticed that none of them like the app-based taxi services as they believe that their livelihoods are being directly affected.

The thing the auto drivers don’t understand is that they are are the ones who promote the use of the apps by asking for unfair amounts and not going by the metre which they are supposed to. Ultimately what happens is that the troubled commuter decides to book a taxi which is hassle-free while costing almost the same. The best conclusion to this problem is that the auto rickshaw drivers should charge the government rates to minimise their customer loss.