Review: Usha Narayanan’s Book On Indian Mythology Is The Best In Its Genre This Year

Posted on October 31, 2016

By Saheli Chatterjee:

When I received my copy of the book I could not stop but tear open the package, being an admirer of the Lord Krishna, for me it was no ordinary book. I got some positive vibes from the miraculously simple yet mysterious cover and wondered what it was going to unfold. The beauty of the cover thrilled me so much that I ended up ‘bookstagramming’ about it which was indeed loved by my dear followers.

When I started reading “The Secret of God’s Son” by Usha Narayanan, my first reaction was, “Oh my God!” There were sentences which were too boldly bringing to light what we had read in our childhood in the pages of “Mahabharata”, only in a ‘censored’ language. I have been shocked, amazed, thrilled, petrified and fallen in love with Usha Narayanan’s play with words and her inauguration of the character of Krishna’s son, Pradyumna in her book.

The tale is about Pradyumna and his struggle to reverse the dire prediction by Gandhari, given unto the land and the tribe of Krishna.

I feel a bit sorry for myself for not having gone through the first book of the series which leaves me puzzled if I missed out on any piece of joy to be delivered to me while I read the second book. In my humble and unbiased opinion, I believe that no other book based on the mythological genre that I read in this year can surpass the exuberance this one brought to me and I am glad to have laid my hands upon this.

Speaking about the progress of the story, I have been charmed by Pradyumna’s grace and I am pretty sure if you get your hands on the same, the characters from mythology, or rather, beyond the mythology had an aura of realism and magical force that compel you to march along with them. You feel an intangible desire to follow-up with the characters and know what happens next. I was impressed with Pradyumna’s persistence and his courage in himself. I was charmed by his wife Maya, a devoted lady whose subtle yet daring nature was enough to steal the limelight.

Reading this book was like watching the events and their detrimental occurrences which lived up to my expectations. The style of narration did justice to the plot and Usha Narayanan has made one of the best creations in the field of mythology.

Overall, if you are a fan of good mythology or are willing to give this new genre a shot, buy this book!