Trees – My Green Comrades That Have Been There For Me

Posted on October 19, 2016

By Susovan Mahapatra:

I could never know what was it about the greens that got me hinged on to them. Trees and their greens are something that has been very dear to me. As a kid who grew up being an introvert, trees became my very first and closest confidants. Growing up in a small city meant I was closer to my special friends, surrounding me in different shapes and forms.

Sometimes, the seven-year-old me would stare at them and walk them through his plans of being an astronaut when he grew up and sometimes, the 17-year-old me would vent off the pains of a broken relationship to them. A soft breeze would blow, and the leaves would gently move as if they were listening, hinting that they have got my back. This put a smile on my face. I always thought that this bond was one of the few things that will stay with me throughout the springs and summers of this life, but will it? What if there are no more trees around?

I live in a bigger city these days and get to see very little of my green friends. It’s just concrete all around, they don’t move with the breeze nor do they put a smile on my face. I get to meet the greens once in a while, on an occasional visit to a garden or some place far that they live in, like a forest? Wish they could be everywhere, to put more smiles on more faces, wish more people thought them to be their friends too. Believe me, when I say it, they are really good at keeping their friends happy, I have been a witness to that. I miss them. I miss my green comrades.