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Being A Volunteer Generated A ‘Sense Of Freedom’ In Me

Posted on October 5, 2016

Vaishnavi Potluri:

As far as I can remember, I have always been an introvert. Am I going to tell you about how volunteering has made me an extrovert? No. Because it did not. But it did give me the courage and confidence to voice my thoughts. Am I going to talk about the great friends I have made and the numerous other benefits that I get from being a volunteer? All these things do happen. But these are not the things I’m interested in telling you. Then, what am I interested in telling you?

Everything that we do as an adult is always calculated. For most of our lives, we do not take a step without asking some questions: “What is in it for me?” “What if I fail?” “What if I do not win?” Well, these are not bad thoughts, but they are filling our life journey with fear, doubt and enormous pressure. It is making our life an everyday struggle. This is ironic because everything that we do in life is for the pursuit of happiness.

Imagine doing work with utmost dedication and sincerity but without the fear of the result. Beautiful, isn’t it? If you cannot imagine such a thing, you must try doing it at least once. After more than three years of volunteering at two completely different organisations, this was the impact volunteering had on me. It has shown me the beauty that a journey holds. The destination, if reached, will only be a bonus because the happiness is already there. Volunteering has shown me what a joy it is to just do the work without any calculations or worries. As a result, I started volunteering wherever I could. Am I telling you that I’m just going everywhere and doing random things for free? No. It is just that I have become willing to help wherever I can and whenever I am needed, without any hesitation. This has created a sense of freedom and a pleasant sensation within me. It is something I really wish everyone can experience.

I have not mentioned what I do, how old I am or where I volunteer, as they do not matter. All that matters is your willingness to just try and give. But you really need to be careful about one thing while volunteering. Especially at organisations.You must make sure that you are not being exploited. Volunteering can be done anywhere. Volunteering at organisations that work for a cause, volunteering at home or even volunteering to plant a tree and nurture it. There is no limit for those who want to give.


Image Source:European Commission DG ECHO/ Flickr