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An Ode To Failure

Posted on November 23, 2016

By Radhika Suresh:

Almost everyone fails at one point in their life… in at least one major aspect in their lives. We fail in big things like careers or love, or something as small as a pop quiz in class or just to open a can of food. Yet we find ourselves laughing at others who fail. Do we learn the lessons that failure gives us?

The first lesson that it teaches many of us, is to stay humble. But then are we humble? We brag about ourselves and then call it a defense mechanism. The second lesson is, pick yourself up each time you fall, stay persistent. Of course, our generation is ready to take the risk but once they experience failure, insecurity crops up. The third lesson is, stay within your lane and compare how we were and how we are now. Of course, if we do that we will not have the insecurity stated above. But no, we indulge in self pity. We would rather make ourselves miserable and brag about how sad our life is than fighting no matter the ‘n’ times we fail to succeed and to stay happy.

The important thing about failure is, it helps us grow. It helps us identify who we are and what we want to do. More importantly, it helps us identify the art we can relate to the most. It teaches us to be strong in all situations. It makes us kinder and to appreciate everything we have in our life. It makes us understand what is important and to prioritize it in the right manner.

Failure is something we should embrace and appreciate the fact that we went through the phase. Never despise the sour phase of life. It creates a drive to achieve the best. And most importantly, never laugh at a person who failed. Never question them about who they are and what they want to do. But also, never avoid them completely nor let them drown in failure. Be the one who can motivate them and stay through the rough phase if you genuinely care about them.

Fail first and fail a lot.

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