These 2 Entrepreneurs Are Teaching Bangalore’s Youth Important Job Skills

Posted on November 10, 2016 in Education

By Gandhi Fellows:

“I was born into a traditional Marwari family. To say that I was raised and trained to be a good housewife would not be an exaggeration. My experience as a Gandhi fellow was a permanent departure from being a ‘good girl’ to becoming someone who wanted to be a part of the education sector. I wanted to bring about change by stepping into the shoes of those I was working/going to work with, which in turn meant breaking a lot of rules back home.” – Archita Sisodia

“After the fellowship, I worked as Program Leader in the Gandhi Fellowship Design team. I spent two years learning how to design a curriculum; learning how to manage teams, take decisions and experiencing what it was like to be a woman leader. My role required me to write case studies about entrepreneurs and getting to know them over interviews, and that inspired me to start my own entrepreneurial journey.” – Ashwini Krishnaprasad

Archita and Ashwini from Bengaluru co-founded ‘Superheros Incorporated’ in 2014. The organisation specialises in providing life and soft skills training for those who have received vocational training but don’t know how to make use of their talent to advance their career.

The duo has created a fair number of opportunities for such individuals who happened to form their customer base. This customer base primarily consists of graduates from ITIs (Industrial Training Institute), who were looking for better career prospects. Superheros Incorporated works to provide individuals with new perspectives, access to professional networks, job-related opportunities and most importantly, to new ways of learning.

Since then, there has been no looking back. Archita and Ashwini have launched a full-fledged career-oriented skill training program based on the success of the marketing exercises that they had tested. In less than two years, they went from training 150 individuals to successfully training 1500 till date. They have succeeded in their mission so far, of generating a channel that accelerates job opportunities for many individuals.

Both, Archita and Ashwini have taken the challenges they face, in their stride. They found solutions to challenges through strategic advances, and they are confident about the sector they are in.

For a Gandhi Fellow, it’s routine to convert challenges into opportunities and this approach shows the true spirit of the fellowship. These two women have demonstrated and carried forward the primary purpose of the fellowship by using their venture to lead those who needed guidance at a very important juncture in their lives.

Archita and Ashwini have showcased their leadership skills by identifying a niche problem and helped open up avenues for those who are deserving of successful careers and have provided them with the required skills.

Superheros Inc. just wrapped up a training program for 300 students across 4 ITIs in Bangalore, in August this year. They have six recruiters on board and 160 job offers to give away. An android application “Skill Up” has also been launched to help users update their professional and soft skills.

If you want to be a part of the change that you want to see, apply now for the Gandhi Fellowship Program. Applications open for Batch 2017-19.

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