This Business Developer’s Clever Job Application Is Trying To Start A Noble Trend

Posted on November 17, 2016 in Education

By Gaurav Yadav:

I don’t exactly remember the date, but in July this year, I wanted to make a creative resume that would stand out in front of prospective employers and help get me a job. An innovative image for a resume was my idea to get hiring managers to rethink how they thought of resumes. This idea came to me because of other creative stints that I had done that included guerilla marketing and creative advertising.

After spending about 100 hours that included many sleepless nights and extensive research, I thought of a Microsoft page, something that most of us see so many times while operating on a Microsoft Windows system and redesigned it look like my resume.

In another 26 hours, I made the resume, and uploaded it on my Facebook profile on September 7 and started emailing my resume to various startups for considering me, for the profile of a business developer.

I sent my resume to approximately 50 CEOs of various Indian startups and got a very enthusiastic response from ten firms, stating that they liked my resume and they are in the process of conducting an interview, to have me on board.

A few days later, another struck me. Why not add to the creative resume in a manner that can bring about change because after not everything is just about money.


So,on October 13 I sent the following mail:

Hi guys,

I am very excited by the kind of response I have gotten. Many organisations have appreciated the creativity and credibility of my resume and have expressed an interest to have me on board. I have thought of a creative way to make it easier for myself to choose the company I want to be a part of.

Since I am the one under consideration right now, I would like the interested organisations to accept and respect, few of my terms and conditions. They are as follows:

1. The organisation interested in hiring me has to donate an amount equal to (1/4th of the annual CTC offered to me), to the families of drought-stricken farmers in Maharashtra. To appreciate this move, I pledge to donate (1/3rd of the annual CTC offered to me), towards the education of the children of the Uri Attack martyrs.

2. The organisation has to donate an amount equal to (1/5th of the annual CTC offered to me), to acid attack survivors. To appreciate this, I pledge to donate (1/5th of the annual CTC offered to me), towards the betterment and education of the children from lesser privileged backgrounds.

3. The organisation pledges to organise blood donation camps every alternate month for the duration of 24 months.

4. The organisation pledges to plant saplings equal to the total number of employees.

5. The organisation with greater than 200 women employees, should have a dedicated space where a new parent can bring their child with them, can breastfeed them during breaks and can look after them while at work.

6. In order to appreciate this, I pledge to donate (1/5th of the annual CTC offered to me), towards the daily needs and betterment of the elderly.

If there exists such an organisation, I pledge to work without pay for the first two months of the first fiscal year without any casual leaves.

P.S: (It doesn’t matter if the organisation is not one of the Fortune 500 companies, as long as it has a big heart, I am fine with it.)

The purpose I want this email to serve is to communicate to the current generation that money isn’t the only thing that’s important, what we can give back to the society is also equally important.

I am also eagerly waiting for interviews and some good news.

I hope, my email is the beginning of a new trend where corporates comes out to encourage the youth to also think about the society.

High 5,

Gaurav Yadav