Becoming An Engineer Or Doctor Isn’t Everything

Posted on November 3, 2016

By Crowny Tegmachi Cheran:

Kid prodigies. They are the kids whom everyone tries to mould into future presidents, scientists, doctors, engineers and the likes. For someone who has always been considered an intelligent child, numerous people have told me what to become, what to pursue. Dear society, we get tired of your expectations, you know.

By the time we roll into class 12, pressure boils like never before in our lives. The pressure of choosing a career, of getting into the best college, of entrance exams. You know when there is too much pressure, a cooker lets out steam. It’s designed that way. We students are NOT designed that way. So please, no pressure. We are only going to burst, I assure you.

When the end of the year came around and everybody was tensed, I found myself in what I call my relaxed phase of life. All my classmates and other 12th graders in the country were running around giving entrance exams for medical and engineering. I kept wondering if education was all about becoming a doctor or an engineer. Can’t these people see statistics of how many of those graduates are unemployed? But then I realised – they are just the sheep in the flock. Blindly following  the rest. Was it necessary for me to tag along with them?

I guess I was the stray one. I didn’t write my entrance exam. Not a single one. I didn’t get into medical or engineering institutes. But who cares? I told my dad it’s not necessary to join the flock. Let me be my own person making my own choices. In the end, I guess he understood and accepted that there is more to life than getting into those professions only. I’m studying microbiology now and still keep my passion for writing. I like the blend of science and literature. I’m happy not to become a doctor or an engineer. The world needs geniuses in other professions too.

All I can say is, I don’t regret not giving those exams. I would still choose this in another life. It’s not always necessary to follow convention. Be who you are and what you want to be. So what if you are the odd one out? Be different and make a difference.