Did Resentment Against Obama Lead To Hillary Clinton’s Defeat?

Posted on November 10, 2016 in GlobeScope

By Subash Deb:

After US presidential elections 2016 results, it is reassuring to note that no matter how much experienced you are in politics, if you fail to understand the mood of the voters, you are gone forever. That’s what President-elect Donald Trump proved. What is his prior experience in politics? He has no experience of politics whatsoever; that’s what we know so far. Despite his conciliatory statements after his astounding victory, Trump’s pre-election campaign’s speeches shall remain forever etched in our memories. Well, Hillary Clinton may forget those abuses hurled against her to calibrate herself better to the Republican landscape for the larger interests of the American masses, but can a large section of American women forget about his nasty remarks against them or for that matter any other woman on earth? The answer is blurred, at least for now.

The Americans have rejected the Obama-endorsed Clinton campaign. Obama’s appeal of left-leaning justices and access for illegal immigrants are perhaps a few things that didn’t resonate well with the majority of frustrated Americans. Trump represented the dreams of the whites who felt neglected in Obama’s America that sought to open up routes for outsiders. Yes, I think, though am not an American political pundit, the resentment against the Obama administration caused such an embarrassing defeat to Clinton.

Here in India, the mood is possibly upbeat at right wing camps as well as in the camps of emerging far-right parties in Europe. And what’s more, it’s time for left-leaning political parties to bury their head in the sand. Time isn’t right for them.